What is love?Love is about trust and hope,believing that the ones we love do love us right back,but we not certain since we can’t read their minds.

You love someone so much and hope that they love you as much as you do,but you not certain about it,though their actions show love,how will you know it’s not just for convenience?

Is it just riding the  safe wave during that particular tide for survival or to just keep you  at that particular time and soon enough move on to the next rescue  ship when the tides shift and rocks the love boat.

You deserve a happy lovely life with someone who has mutual feels for you.Someone who brings out a better version of your inner self no matter the circumstances,that’s a better world and life right there.

I hope whoever or whatever you love loves you right back…

Life is For Living🌸

Life takes us to different places,it is a journey,we on a trip everyday to our destinies(the choices we make in our day to day living)
We interact with a whole Lotta different individuals throughout our lives,some are permanently present in our lives ,others we’ve come across them and never meet them afterwards.
Our interactions make us who we are,they say show me your buddies and  I will tell you who are.

Our friends form an integral part of us and  have considerable influence over our lives. Chances are very high that we attract who we can easily associate with and despite all the myriad differences,we still find a common ground on those people we hold close to our hearts as folks.

I’ve met some awesome people whom we shared some blissful moments, People who’ve come through for me when I needed them.They gave without expecting anything in return.Their kindness and open hearts have baffled me.This is what humanity is-giving when you can,helping others when you have abundant. I owe them some really huge lifetime debts to this date.

Some of my encounters have been full of awful moments,deceit n betrayals and inevitable breaking of long friendships,but I guess that’s how life goes we do our best to salvage situations and let them go when we can not hold the ship afloat anymore.

True friends are out here try and  reach out to  people who mean something to you,Find real love,meaningful friends,fulfilling career anything that sets your soul on fire and be Happier.
Life is for Living


Ever had some things you like so much and always feel amazing when you see them?
mine happens to be pole dancing.
Over the years I have generally appreciated dancing. Dancing is a whole artistic expression of feelings in more elaborate moves felt deeply by the dancer. I have been learning how to dance lately. pole dancing always intrigues me,I like watching pole dancers take to the stage.
I always see it as a special kind of dancing art. It so happens that it is mostly associated with the wrong reasons but I actually see it differently. In most cases it so happens that people doing it have to do whatever it takes to put bread on the table and the only way they would is actually by taking to the pole.

I always have so much respect for all the ladies and men who gotta do anything to live,those who aren’t afraid to go an extra mile n be different,take those broken wings and fly.Heal from everything that breaks their souls and instead appreciate the good little things that make them smile.

wanderlust soul🌹

I sit here lost in my thoughts,

I put a smile on my face but this heart inside me is burning up and all chained up by my struggles everyday.

Life has taught me some bitter lessons,I wish I had a rehearsal of how life would turn out before I was even born.

My feelings are far away from the reality,My thoughts roam in the lost city of haze,

My free soul takes me to a good place, I fly away to my destiny away from all these chaos of the world,only in my dreams.

Lost Heart

The morning breeze swept through the serene mountains,Spring flowers danced to the rhythm of the cold breeze…They all gave me a sad reminder of You,I stared blankly to the empty skies,All I saw was silhouettes of what used to be you…

You lit up my world in the darkest nights But you are all gone,My heart bled as I remembered You, I thought we were meant for eternity turned out it was an illusion.What happened to till death do us part?

I felt a hollow in my heart So enormous that I felt lifeless,I wait on this spot everyday hoping you will be back ,All you do is drift away fading into the darkness but I hold on to memories hoping that they will come back to life some day…

Life Treks

He was born a fighter,a warrior by heart
Fought a myriad battles,got scared and bruised
Lost some after a lifetime struggle but the spirit of a fighter still burns inside him
His heart is an inferno so hot with desire he just let it burn
Life for him was adventurous indeed
Full of perils
But the fullness of life is in its harzards
They called him freedom for he grew up with no rules,
He lived by “born free to live free”
All along he trusted his heart,it never let him down
In the darkest days his solace was his heart
He learnt to trust a few,that is all life gave him since day one…

Ghost Heart

My feelings are in a coma,all my nerves are long gone,
My heart is icing out every second,

I don’t feel a thing these days,
Been through some things that I can only say them out loud to myself standing at the mirror ’cause no one will ever understand,

I got way more secrets weighing my soul every moment,I always say them out loud in my sleeps at 3am…

My heart never been an open book,No one will ever figure me out,
am a ticking grenade,will wonder off to a far away land and go off in peace,

My demons are wide awake shaking me every second,but slowly am making peace with them and we bonding well,

Am a lost soul wandering in this thing called life…Hoping some day maybe I will make peace with my inner self…

Nairobi Tales

Every kid in the remote rural places always dreams of stepping their feet in the city,I was having this kinda dream some 8 years ago…I came to the city for the first time in 2010,and I really got lost… (how I found myself at UpperHill and I was supposed to board a bus at Nyamakima,still remains my funny tale to date)Since then I have settled here for the better part of my adult life.People of different races,communities live in this city under the sun.Life here is pretty much like all the other cities in the world,there are posh places and extremely inhabitable places too,the gap between the poor and the rich is so evidently visible (story for some other day)People here mind their own business and are ever in a hurry(I got lost for the first days and bumped a lot of shoulders before I got used to the pace) Life in this city is pretty hard and everyone tries their best to mint that shilling,which brings me to my point,did money replace humanity? What happened to choosing kind over right?I was meeting this friend of mine today in the CBD for a small business we were to discuss,My phone was fast draining and hadn’t carried my charger and immediately I called it went off,so we had not even agreed on the meeting point when our communication shut.I had to look for somewhere I would just plug it for a minute then call my friend and we meet.I walked from one phone place to another all saying they wouldn’t charge my phone giving all shades of reasons even when I explained clearly to them my emergency.People here can’t help you if you are a stranger unless you know someone count yourself alone in this city…I decided to take one last try at a Barbershop along Tom Mboya street,there they listened n charged my phone,Kind people still exist though in a city where money talks and does the walking…The world would be a better place if we all cared and decided to help one of our own,this way humanity would still have a meaning.


REMEMBER ME WHEN AM ALIVE,Tell me all the nice and nasty things when am still breathing,I wanna hear them,Read out your eulogies to me when am still kicking otherwise they ain’t a thing when I am long gone n can’t hear a damn thing…


People have Expectations of how life should be…
You’re born,You school,get that dream job and get married to that beautiful girl,have kids and grow old together…
Dare to be different in any way and the society will judge you and crucify you in everything that you do.

Here is to the weirdos,The squares who fit in circles,
The ones who fly when everyone else is crawling
Don’t you be afraid to be yourself, Don’t kill your own happiness by trying to fit in and be like everyone else
show your true colors n let them call you abnormal after all Normal is boring…
Live your life to the fullest we ain’t gonna make it alive anyways.

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