Life is For Living🌸

Life takes us to different places,it is a journey,we on a trip everyday to our destinies(the choices we make in our day to day living)
We interact with a whole Lotta different individuals throughout our lives,some are permanently present in our lives ,others we’ve come across them and never meet them afterwards.
Our interactions make us who we are,they say show me your buddies and  I will tell you who are.

Our friends form an integral part of us and  have considerable influence over our lives. Chances are very high that we attract who we can easily associate with and despite all the myriad differences,we still find a common ground on those people we hold close to our hearts as folks.

I’ve met some awesome people whom we shared some blissful moments, People who’ve come through for me when I needed them.They gave without expecting anything in return.Their kindness and open hearts have baffled me.This is what humanity is-giving when you can,helping others when you have abundant. I owe them some really huge lifetime debts to this date.

Some of my encounters have been full of awful moments,deceit n betrayals and inevitable breaking of long friendships,but I guess that’s how life goes we do our best to salvage situations and let them go when we can not hold the ship afloat anymore.

True friends are out here try and  reach out to  people who mean something to you,Find real love,meaningful friends,fulfilling career anything that sets your soul on fire and be Happier.
Life is for Living


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