Oxygen To My Soul

Even though I don’t text you every time am on my phone doesn’t mean I don’t have time for you
I talk to you in silence every time
The silence is subtle but you can hear it if you listen
Plenty have tried, almost came close
But none of them compare to you
You are my spotlight in the darkest night
Come on shine my way and fill it with your light
So let’s live our life for a million years, more than just one night,promise if I could, I’d do it twice
I know my life can get so crazy n loose but as long as you’re right here
None of the gossip,none of their charms, nothing can stop us
I’m wanna love you with no fears,
as long as am right here I’m ma pause them and turn them off,let’s turn on our world and dance to the beats of our hearts
You are the oxygen to my soul.

Love Galore

Every time you bebay me with your embrace

No limits in the sky that I won’t fly for you
My heart yearns for your love every time I breathe
Come hold me tight in your bossom so ardent
I always get lost in your embrace
For you promised to find me if I ever got lost
Your love so brisk,
Our hearts grew wild together in these lush plateaus never to be tamed again
I will love you to the last pint of my blood
I will forever keep you safe here inside my heart because that is where you belong…

Countryside Tales

Yesterday I set out to visit my Mama in this small town somewhere in Central Kenya.The rains have been pounding heavily for the past one week which only means one thing,the roads to the countryside are all muddy except the places that got lucky and had better leadership in the yesteryears,ours was the unlucky one. I really enjoy this kind of weather how I wish everyday is a winter.

I boarded a Matatu which was half full at the time.Everyone so silent except the occasional voices of the touts calling for passengers to fill up the mat(slang for matatu) I put on my earphones to listen to my favorite beats,Music is the oxygen to my soul.After a while our journey starts and soon we are cruising everyone to their destination (the passengers were all men except one who was a beautiful young lady who seemed scary,I think I scared her more as I kept throwing my eye at her direction making her blush over and over again)

After one hour,the young lady told the driver to drop her at a place called ‘Wazee Hukumbuka’ which literally means ‘Men Remember’ I promised myself to do my research and get to know how that name came about.After two hours my journey came to an end.Immediately I alighted the rain started pouring.Some young boys were already out in the rains playing with water and mud, I remembered with nostalgia how I enjoyed being rained on when I was young now am older and those years of playing with the mud and rushing waters are over.Sometimes I wish there was a rewind button to press on and you become young again,I feel I never enjoyed my childhood to the fullest.

I walked hastily to our place some few meters and there I found my mama waiting for me…She had prepared all the nicest meals I haven’t taken since I left for the city for greener pasture Apparently I came to realize the grass is never greener on the other side(Story for some other day)



I hold on to hope that my tomorrow will be better than today
When I look back I can see the myriad miles
I have trekked to be here
I see the Horizons from a distance
Hold on baby we almost there
My dreams so fresh and alive
The clarity of my vision is so crystal clear
The kinda that will change the world
Give me hope of brighter days,it is the only thing am sure of right now
I have been through hell,
the perils of this life
My journey has been hazardous
but the fullness of life is in its hazards
I decided to travel through the unbeaten paths
There is more life in the deserted lanes
All I do is BELIEVE

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