Nairobi Tales

Every kid in the remote rural places always dreams of stepping their feet in the city,I was having this kinda dream some 8 years ago…I came to the city for the first time in 2010,and I really got lost… (how I found myself at UpperHill and I was supposed to board a bus at Nyamakima,still remains my funny tale to date)Since then I have settled here for the better part of my adult life.People of different races,communities live in this city under the sun.Life here is pretty much like all the other cities in the world,there are posh places and extremely inhabitable places too,the gap between the poor and the rich is so evidently visible (story for some other day)People here mind their own business and are ever in a hurry(I got lost for the first days and bumped a lot of shoulders before I got used to the pace) Life in this city is pretty hard and everyone tries their best to mint that shilling,which brings me to my point,did money replace humanity? What happened to choosing kind over right?I was meeting this friend of mine today in the CBD for a small business we were to discuss,My phone was fast draining and hadn’t carried my charger and immediately I called it went off,so we had not even agreed on the meeting point when our communication shut.I had to look for somewhere I would just plug it for a minute then call my friend and we meet.I walked from one phone place to another all saying they wouldn’t charge my phone giving all shades of reasons even when I explained clearly to them my emergency.People here can’t help you if you are a stranger unless you know someone count yourself alone in this city…I decided to take one last try at a Barbershop along Tom Mboya street,there they listened n charged my phone,Kind people still exist though in a city where money talks and does the walking…The world would be a better place if we all cared and decided to help one of our own,this way humanity would still have a meaning.


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