Ever had some things you like so much and always feel amazing when you see them?
mine happens to be pole dancing.
Over the years I have generally appreciated dancing. Dancing is a whole artistic expression of feelings in more elaborate moves felt deeply by the dancer. I have been learning how to dance lately. pole dancing always intrigues me,I like watching pole dancers take to the stage.
I always see it as a special kind of dancing art. It so happens that it is mostly associated with the wrong reasons but I actually see it differently. In most cases it so happens that people doing it have to do whatever it takes to put bread on the table and the only way they would is actually by taking to the pole.

I always have so much respect for all the ladies and men who gotta do anything to live,those who aren’t afraid to go an extra mile n be different,take those broken wings and fly.Heal from everything that breaks their souls and instead appreciate the good little things that make them smile.


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